Love God Hate Church is an in-your-face challenge aimed at one deadly target: anything that claims to represent God but contradicts Him by actions, values, or rules that violate His heart. Mike Moore dares you to explore the faith that leads to true freedom.

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Mike Moore, "Serve them the Best"

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“Mike Moore is a man who has experienced the freedom that comes from really knowing the heart and love of God. From that place, he longs to take the reader into the authentic expression of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Only this message can truly make one free.”

— Bill Johnson: Pastor, Bethel Church, Redding, CA

Those are fighting words—but Mike Moore stands behind them. He’s written a book that blows the lid off everything you thought you knew about church, Christianity, and the One who started it all: God.

The God Mike knows is not interested in you being driven by guilt, fear, or “do this and don’t do that.” He’s a God of infinite love, mercy, and freedom—the kind of freedom that can radically transform your life.

In bite-sized stories that are plainspoken, raw, relatable, and often hilarious, Mike reveals the nature of the one true God. Mike’s message doesn’t spoon-feed you dos and don’ts: he wants you to know the love of God and how it changes everything.

Mike Moore’s debut book is shockingly honest and brutally refreshing. Love God Hate Church is a way to jumpstart your faith—and revolutionize your heart.

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