Rants and Raves for Love God Hate Church

“Mike is a unique combination of intensity and freedom. A man of deep thought and equally deep feeling, you cannot meet him without being impacted by the raw energy he radiates in his love for people. Mike deals in the real world of business and has a built in aversion to anything artificial.” —Dr. Lance Wallnau, Lance Learning Group – Dallas, TX

“Mike Moore is a man who has experienced the freedom that comes from really knowing the heart and love of God. From that place, he longs to take the reader into the authentic expression of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Only this message can truly make one free.”

—Bill Johnson, Pastor, Bethel Church – Redding, CA, Author, When Heaven Invades Earth

“I met Mike in 1997. From the moment I met him, I knew he was different from anyone I had ever met. He had a light within him that was a mystery to me. I was a workaholic and buried under the enormous responsibility of building Power House and directing the Dallas Mavericks Dancers. Mike gradually and steadily showed me Christ and the grace and freedom found in him. Coming to Christ transformed my life, and Mike made a huge impact on me as I was going through this process. His message helped me break the strongholds and chains I was living in by showing me true grace and freedom.”

—Shella Sattler, Choreographer for Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaigns, Founder of the Power House of Dance

“Delightfully blunt, this book is an in-your-face challenge to consider the radical idea of liking God and believing He likes you too. Moore dares you to try enjoying faith instead of cowering in it. Whether you attend church regularly or get sweaty palms just thinking about it, this book will change the way you see Christianity.”

—Amy Spahn, Author of the Endurance series

“A few years ago when I met Mike Moore, I knew I was about to sit with a very intense man. Mike is one of those special members of the body of Christ that’s too often missing. There are no filters or politically correct language in Mike’s personality as he shares the truth. He tells it like it is. After reading Love God Hate Church, I realized that it’s not just written for those that don’t know Jesus Christ. This is a wake-up call to those that have been churched all of their lives but don’t know Jesus intimately. Although the title seems to be criticizing the church, it’s actually an invitation to discover what’s within. Once the reader is in, God Himself is made known through the rawness of Mike’s experiences and knowledge of Jesus. You will enjoy the “one of a kind” journey of reading this book.

—Brad McClendon, LivingVine International Ministries

“I believe my generation is hungry for authenticity. We need to know that God is personal, real and powerful. Reading Mike’s book will challenge you to look at God in a new way.”

—Emma Parker, high school student

“I was deeply moved by your mentoring this morning, especially the stories that you shared and how you shared them!! Your teaching has changed my thinking, and is still ringing in my ears. I thank God for you!”

—Arul Gaspar, Bangalore, India

Rants and Raves for Love God Make Money

“Mike Moore writes helpfully and winsomely about one of the most challenging issues for marketplace Christians: How do I live my faith in the workplace? He’s built a successful business and made some of the personal mistakes that came with that experience, which puts him in a position to share how our mistakes make us more credible to those who are watching. His vulnerability is a real plus here as the confident businessman meets the servant and produces a helpful approach to realizing God’s plan for me to live my faith.”

—Jamie Bush, Principal, Bush and Company, Boston, MA

Love God Make Money reveals the multiple ways to acknowledge GOD in our businesses. Mike Moore’s unique ability to explain complex truths using simple day-to-day illustrations will assist any businessperson who seeks a deeper level of the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ in doing business. This follow-up book to Love God Hate Church is a MUST-read for ANYONE in the business community!”

—Bill Noble, William Noble Rare Jewels Highland Park, Dallas, TX

“Walking your faith in the workplace isn’t always easy. Mike Moore shows you how in this deeply spiritual—and incredibly entertaining—new book.”

—Michael Levin, New York Times best selling author

“Mike Moore tackles the age-old conflict for the follower of Jesus: How do I pursue career and financial excellence without compromising my humility to and dependence on God? His passion is to unlock the keys to God’s wisdom, because wisdom brings riches, honor, long life, and health. Thanks, Mike, for sharing your passion for doing life God’s way, and helping others to do the same!”

—Randy Hammon, Author of The Safe Money System & Religion vs. Relationship: Discovering the God I Always Knew Was There!

“In the sea of books about dreams, goals, and success, Love God Make Money stands out. These pages present a refreshing portrait of God’s kind of success. Each chapter grips the reader with a beautiful blend of powerful truths communicated with boldness, clarity, and conviction. I experience many “aha moments” as Mike Moore skillfully weaves real-life stories to illustrate each insight. Seldom have I read a book in one sitting, but Love God Make Money kept me hooked on lessons that have the power to transform. When the last chapter ends, the reader cannot help but go back and revisit the powerfully relevant and life-changing truths.”

—Janet Perez Eckles, Author and International Speaker

Love God Make Money is a down-to-earth guide on how to allow your spiritual being to influence your daily business dealings. Using examples from his life’s interactions, Mike Moore describes our relationships and how we view them—from our own view, from someone’s else view, and from God’s viewpoint. This weaves a compelling story that will inspire even the most lost soul to a richer and happier life. And it reminds you that the wealthiest person in the world is not the one who has the most, but the one who needs the least. It is the kind of book you will not put down and will read again and again.”

—David S. Ellis, MD, Dallas, TX

“Mike is a unique mix of businessman, pastor, and friend. I have had the privilege of being on the receiving end of his outlandish hospitality, unconditional love, and bear hugs. He is the best person to show you that you don’t have to compromise values, personal holiness, and your value for people to be successful in the marketplace. This book will show you that if we want to honor the God we keep professing about, we must honor our gift.”

—Lijo Mathew, Founder, Slingshot Holding Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“Mike Moore has done it again. His “Love God” series is imparting God’s heart to the neglected, unseen, and misunderstood. Love God Make Money is a long-overdue message for Christians in the marketplace. Mike’s forty-plus years of extravagant generosity and hospitality to anyone and everyone has transformed thousands of lives. He has proven that marketplace leaders don’t just garner resources for the kingdom; they are frontline agents extending God’s kingdom outside the church walls. Mike has lived the pages in this book and is proof that you can make money and love God well.”

—Michael Miller, Senior Pastor of the Upper Room, Dallas, TX