About Mike


“Mike is a unique combination of intensity and freedom. A man of deep thought and equally deep feeling. You can’t meet him and not be impacted by the raw energy he radiates in his love for people.” – Lance Wallnau

For almost forty years, Mike Moore has been reaching the minds and hearts of people––igniting them with passion and purpose.

A full-time businessman and global motivational teacher, Mike has spoken to IBM, The American Red Cross, the New York Yankees, and scores of other businesses, universities, and churches about the intersection of faith and business. With an MBA from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Mike has worked his way from Chicago’s south side to the perennial number one salesman for one of the world’s largest international leasing companies.

Mike brings a deep understanding of the spiritual dynamics of successful living and organizational growth. He will tell you without hesitation that his personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the most exciting part of his life.

Mike’s books Love God Hate Church and Love God Make Money blow the lid off everything you thought you knew about church, Christianity, and the One who started it all.

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